Практические задания

I. Переведите термины-словосочетания:

1.oil dashpots; 2. under-voltage; 3. arcing contact;4.exhaust velocity; 5. combustion zone; 6. locomotive serv­icing; 7. long distance call; 8. payload weight; 9. out­going terminus; 10. connected clamp; 11. good combustion; 12. over-current; 13. oil retainer; 14. excitation circuit; 15. by-pass valve; 16. trip-coil; 17. superheater header;

18. bus-bar terminals; 19. tuning condenser; 20. wet bat­tery; 21. alarm device; 22. instrument transformer; 23. volt­age transformer; 24. pole tip; 25. boiling point; 26. yield point; 27. fixed point; 28. fixed seat; 29 feed mechanism; 30. ceiling voltage; 31. power station; 32. power train; 33. train handling; 34. train communication; 35. horse pow­er; 36. fixing device; 37. fixing lug; 38. flash coating; 39. flash light; 40. flash period; 41. flash suppressor.

II. Дайте возможные варианты перевода следующих терминов- словосочетаний:

1. self-contained; 2. plug-and-socket device; 3. push-pull scheme; 4. overhead wire; 5. jack-in-the-box device; 6. air­tight; 7. self-aligning; 8. end-on; 9. head-on; 10. steady- state; 11. corn-and-cob; 12. half-and-half; 13. looping-in;

high-efficiency; 15. power-actuated; 16. cross-country;

high-rate; 18. fast-head; 19. time-delay; 20. pre-pro­duction; 21. quick acting; 22. trouble-free; 23. trouble-shoot­ing.

III. Укажите, в каких значениях употребляются следующие слова и термины и переведите их: .

1. shaft; 2. pin; 3. turn (smg., р/.); 4. relay; 5. capacity; 6.handling; 7. error; 8.developing; 9. average; 10. plate; 11.female; 12. bed; 13. flight; 14. grid; 15. course; 16. ham­mering; 17. hand; 18. kick; 19. kill; 20. maintenance; 21. trouble; 22. trolley; 23. smash.

IV. Переведите следующие беспредложные терминологические словосочетания, состоящие из существительных.

air defence guided missile

gas turbine power plant

radio navigation land station

picture signal carrier wave

radio-frequency high-voltage power supply

flight-path deviation indicator

pulse-type radio altimeter

V.Переведите текст, обращая внимание на термины-словосочетания:

Haulage from Working Face

With the practical elimination of pit ponies, small com­pact mainrope or single-drum haulers are required to handle the hutches or tubs from the working face to the main haul­age road.

A squirrel-cage motor is mounted within the drum which rotates on the stator casing. The controlling reversing motor switch is arranged in an extension of the stator casing. Owing to the characteristics of the squirrel-cage motor, it is essen­tial that the motor be started light, that is without load. To enable this to be done, a clutch of the external band type is fitted on the right-hand side; immediately alongside is a brake, also of the external band type, but arranged to op­erate on a turned rim on the rope drum. The gearing is to­tally enclosed and runs in an oil bath. Fitted with a 15-h. p. motor, the rope pull is 2,600 lb. on the drum roll at 160 ft/min.