Практические задания

I. На основе приведенных ниже смешанных сокращений и их объяснений, данных на английском языке, попытайтесь их перевести.

P2P - (1) person to person (describes a payment service that enables one individual to pay another for an online transaction - such as an auction sale); (2) path to profitability (the strategy a company plans to implement

to become profitable); (3) peer-to-peer (describes an Internet system that enables users to trade files directly without requiring a central database or server). W2K - shortened form of Windows 2000, an operating system from Microsoft. AOS - from All Options Stink - a situation in which there is no optimum or ideal course of action. C2C - consumer-to-consumer - describes a transaction in which a consumer sells a service or product directly to another consumer. DVD - digital versatile disk - a high-density compact disk for storing large amounts of data, especially high-resolution audio-visual material.

II.Переведите текст на русский язык обращая внимание на сокра­щения:

1. The comparator incorporates in one unit a pair of falling sphere viscosimeters one of which is filled with a cer­tified oil and has a scale calibrated at 70deg. 2. If a contin­uous current flowing through an inductive resistance is increasing, the induced e. m. f. may be regarded as negative. 3. Although unit weights vary greatly one may assume that 1 ft. depth of hard, dry, wind-blown snow weighs 10 lb. per. sq. ft. 4. The current gradually dies down to zero as in the previous case, but this time it is an a. c. that is dying away.

5.There are certain processes for which d. c. is either essen­tial or at any rate desirable. 6. The cost of supplying elec­trical energy depends not only on the kwh. consumed but also on the power factor of the load and the maximum de­mand. 7. There are numerous everyday uses for the handie- talkie, one most of you will appreciate is aiding in TV anten­na installation and maintenance. 8. During this period the blast wave is travelling outwards at a speed of about 700 mph.

III. Переведите следующие предложения, содержащие сокращения и сокращения-неологизмы в контексте и изолированно.

1. Unlike more familiar LCD displays, the screen can be read at almost any angle and in bright sunlight as it uses tiny charged beads to form letters and images. GOOMBY - a person who hopes for the removal of some dangerous or unpleasant feature from his or her neighborhood (based on the phrase Get Out of My Back Yard). GOOMBY-ism - the attitude of such a person. The city is trying to raise taxes ... The appellate judge coined a new phrase to describe what council members are doing: GOOMBY-ism. He refers to NIMBYism - the Not in My Back Yard sentiment that drives many political decisions. “The present case ... may be described as GOOMBYism for “get out of my back yard,’ or at least “if you stay here, you’re going to pay for it,” (“H.B. Tax scam.” The Orange County Register, February 18, 2002).

LULU - a real estate development or other construction to which the local residents are opposed (based on the phrase “locally unwanted land use”).