Synthetic Fabrics

Synthetic Fabrics are made from artificially created fibers. These artificial or synthetic fibers are made from different chemicals and petroleum based raw materials. Synthetic fabrics have gained much popularity due to their relatively low prices as compared to natural fabrics easy manageability and growing demand of technical textile and smart fabrics such as wet suits and surgical gloves.

Rayon fabrics, sometimes also called artificial silk, are one of the earliest man-made fabrics. Other popular synthetic fabrics include polyester, nylon, satin, acrylic, chiffon and Georgette among others. Certain synthetic fabrics like Spandex and Lycra fabrics, due to their stretchability, moisture absorption and a great fit, have a tremendous demand in the market for making hosiery, swim wear, sports wear etc. Another synthetic fabric which is fast gaining popularity is the microfiber fabric. In spite of being very fine fabric, microfiber fabric is very strong, breathable, soft, durable and comfortable, used for making a variety of products including apparels, wiping cloths, table cloths, blankets and other home furnishings. With the growing environmental awareness, synthetic fabrics industry is also becoming gradually conscious about their contribution towards sustainable development and carbon footprints. More and more R&D is being carried out to invent new eco-friendly fibers and processes lesser harmful to the environment.