Control question:

  1. What do plants require sunlight energy for?
  2. What does the process of forming complex organic compounds in plants require?
  3. Why do animals depend on plants?
  4. What is the structure of the cells oft animals?
  5. In what types of cells is chlorophyll found?
  6. Where can amoebae be found?
  7. What is the body of amoeba bounded by?
  8. What is the main part of the body of amoeba made of?
  9. What makes it easy to distinguish the posterior end of the body of amoeba?
  10. What is there in the plasmasol at the posterior end of the body?
  11. The structure of plant flagellates.
  12. Species diversity.
  13. Making total preparations flagellates staining.
  14. Parasitic flagellates.
  15. Structure and features of the life cycle